Our Services Include

Erosion Control Services (ECS) is an erosion and sediment control contractor located in the tidewater area of southeast Virginia. 



For medium to large scale projects, hydroseeding is the most economical and basic form of seed establishment utilized for turf & native grasses, wildflowers, and erosion control mixes. Read More…


Straw Blowing

Straw blowing is the most cost-effective method to reduce soil erosion and sediment runoff on active and inactive construction sites. Read More…


Broadcast & Drill Seeding

Seed placement is accomplished by mechanically injecting the seed, fertilizer, and inoculant components into the soil surface at pre-determined rates. Read More…


SWPPP Compliance

Erosion Control Services offers installation and site monitoring services for your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, Read More… (SWPPP)